iPod Mini (as in the car!)

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OK — this rocks.

This Mini has a brilliant graphic on the roof of an iPod, where the sunroof forms the screen.

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•January 3, 2007 • 2 Comments

If you’re a current or aspiring Scientology Volunteer Minister in the Boston area, here’s something you should know:

I just saw this on Google Blog Search — on Gerard Renna’s blog.

Bush Fire Explosion

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“There is a screaming flaming disaster still occuring in the land of Victoria in Australia.”

It’s actually quite a bit more than that, as the photos from this blog post illustrate. The situation there is actually life and death, and firefighters are definitely relying on the Scientology Volunteer ministers that are there to help keep them on their feet.

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15,000 evacuated as typhoon Utor heads towards central Philippines

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LEGASPI, Philippines (AFP) – Thousands of people living around Mayon volcano in the eastern Philippine province of Albay have been evacuated amid fears that an approaching storm could trigger fresh mudslides, officials said. Last week, super typhoon Durian triggered slides of volcanic debris, leaving over 1,200 people dead or missing.

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Images of the Bushfires near Dargo (Aust.)

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These are definitely ‘holy crap’ type images. People who aren’t there don’t get a flavour at all of what is involved in fighting these fires.

Images of the bushfires that are currently raging in Victoria. The most recent images were received via email and show the fire front in Howitville near Dargo in the states east.

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Linux blasts off in U.S. tactical satellite

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Linux was shot into space, today, as part of an Air Force effort to making space more “operationally responsive” through the use off “micro satellites” that can be launched quickly and cheaply. In today’s launch, Linux is running the 220-pound micro satellite’s “TIE” (Target Indicator Experiment) payload.

I was always told that “TIE” stood for “twin ion engine” and is the main component of a TIE fighter in Star Wars. I could be mistaken, though.

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Philippines Typhoons Leave Thousands Homeless

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The four typhoons that have struck the Philippines over two months have left more than 190,000 people homeless and 100,000 in need of urgent food aid, the United Nations said.

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